Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Expressing agreement or disagreement

From chapter 9 of the novel The Namesake,  while Nikhil was at Moushumi friend's  house for a dinner with Colin, Louise, Astrid, Donald, and other friends, the discussing at the table was about name because Astrid is expecting a baby. Unfortunately Moushumi has mentioned that Nikhil has changed his name which was a secret for Nikhil. Therefore he  got angry at Moushumi, and regretted  for having told her the story because she turns it to a joke. After all Nikhil admitted that " there's no such thing as a perfect name. I think that human beings should be allowed to name themselves when they turn eighteen.Until then, pronouns." However i complete disagree with Nikhil because names are very significant for parents.

First of all, in some cultures, names are choosing from events that happen during the pregnancy of the mother. For example, in the novel The Namesake,  that is almost the same thing that happened  to Gogol when Ashoke named him. Even though Nikhil is on his thirtieth now, i believe still today he regrets  why he has changed his name after finding out the meaning of it. On the other hand, nowadays if i had to name myself  until  at age eighteen, i would not  know the meaning of my name because i would just choose a name that is sound nice. As a result,  that might lead me to a  point of loosing my culture, ans my identity.
Consequently, if Nikhil has being  waiting until he turns eighteen to name his self, i think he would choose a name that has a cool meaning.  

Monday, May 5, 2014

chapter 8

In chapter  8 of the novel " The  Namesake " Gogol is no longer dating Maxine because he started to spend more time with family, and learned that Maxine is now engage to another man. While Gogol still single his Mother convinces him to call Moushumi Mazoomdar, daughter of a family friend, in order for him to move on his life because at his age Ashima had been celebrated her tenth wedding birthday anniversary. Even though he has refused, he did meet with Moushumi for a drink and then go to a dinner. As they start having feeling for each other, they had exchanged a hat, and Moushumi tells Gogol about her life, in one point where his fiance had made some not nice comment her family in Calcutta as a result of cancelling they wedding and they break up. 

A lot of times people do things that they don't like and never say anything to whom who made them do it because they are people pleaser. For example in the novel ' The Namesake' even though Graham did not like what Moushumi 's parents made him did, he did it and pretend he was enjoy it. And later one talk about about it. That's shows that sometimes people are acting armature because they afraid to say no, to not hurt others feeling. I believe that people should examine they fears and learned how to say "No" from doing things that they dislike.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

chapter 7

From chapter 7 of the novel The Namesake, Ashima speed thanksgiving and Christmas at home alone even though Ashoke come every three weeks.One day Ashoke calls Ashima and let know that he is at the hospital because he been have  trouble with his stomach and promise to call back after he done in the hospital. As Ashoke has not call in the next morning, Ashima finds the hospital number and call them. After waiting on the line the doctor that first saw Ashoke informs Ashima that Ashome has died, and Sonia immediately flies back to Massachusetts. In addition Gogol flies to Ohio to identifies his father's body and went to clean up the apartment. When Gogol comes back the Ganguli family go through then days of mourning, and Maxine come to visit on the eleventh day  when they  invited families and friend to mark the end of the mourning period.

chapter 6

 According  to the novel The Namesake, in chapter 6, Gogol earned his degree in architecture, and have job at an architecture firm. One night, he went to a party with a co- worker and meets an woman named Maxine. In the next morning Maxine invited Gogol for dinner at her house. Indeed Gogol begin to date Maxine, he spent all of his time with her and barely ever goes to his own apartment. In August, Gogol's mother called him and asked him to visit home to see his father before he left for a research fellowship in Ohio. Though  Gogol already  has his  plan, he stop by his parents' house for lunch  with Maxine on their way up to New Hampshire to visit Maxine's parents and spent his 27th birthday there.
 Even though at that age Gogol was a young adult, complete dislike his perspective toward his parent. I never think that his parents was not going to have the priority of his  life. As a lovable child i think he were suppose to take the advantage go to spend more time with his parents before his dad leaves for Ohio because he  barely sees  them since he had moved to New York.However on those kind of  case a lot  people sometimes end up not see or talk to they parents before they usually gone. For instance, when i was a child i heard a case like that in my neighborhood where a single mother's son had move to Okap for college and never come back until his mom was gone.That was very sad, and hope that people take advantage of opportunity every time they have it.

Friday, April 4, 2014

chapter 5

In chapter five of the novel, The Namesake, by Jhumpa  Lahiri,Gogol and his family go to court in Boston to change his first name to Nikhil. As Nikhil, he gets a fake ID to go drinking, and loses his virginity to a random girl in a bar. During the fall of Gogol's sophomore year, while he's on the train form New Haven to his house, he started a conversation with the girl sitting next to him. She's also a student of New Haven, and her name is Ruth. In addition they fall in love and begin to date. At one point Ruth goes for a spring semester at Oxford, when she gets back Gogol and her break up. On Gogol senior's year, he goes home for thanksgiving and only his father was around because his mother and Sonia went to India. However on his way home, Gogol was late because of track issue; the train was running slow, and Ashoke tells him about his own train accident because he was worried about Gogol.
I complete agree with the fact that Ashima and Ashoke did not do anything to stop Gogol from changing his first name Nikhil. Why, because they have tried that and it did not happen because of Gogol's kindergarten school principal. As many children on their teenagers' life never find out why their parents name them they name, Gogol's accident become to be the reason for Gogol to find out how his name is really significant for his dad. Indeed parents pass something have effect on their children's life, at  Gogol 'age i Believe that Ashoke did the right thing by telling Gogol the story that happened to him twenty years ago.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Chapter 4

From chapter 4 of the novel, The Namesake, by Jhumpa Lahiri, Gogol celebrates his fourteenth birthday with a party  with his friends. Late Night for the first time his dad, Ashoke gave a him a birthday present which is a copy of the short story of Nikolai Gogol. However the next year Ashoke is on Sabbatical, and the whole family h traveled to Calcutta for eight months. After a trip from the Taj in India, on their way back a passenger gets murder in the train ,and Ashoke was the most one who horrified about the accident. In August, they return to Massachusetts and Gogol invited by some friend to a party at the university  where his father teaches, and pretended to be a freshman at armherst. Fortunately for the first time Gogol introduce his self as Nikhil  to girl name Kim. As brave he was that new name gave him a little kiss for the first time in his life.

Consequently to brave  is to be  ready to face or endure danger or pain. However in my opinion, it is really important to be brave, so can be able to handle your fear during your battle.For instance, in the the novel, though Gogol was shield in the conversation, his bravery  musters up the courage to kiss Kim. You can see that having courage is like a motivation that  is pushing you to accomplish whatever  you have in mind. Moreover i believe brave  is the only thing that can a help people to stand for themselves though they fear. It also standing up to a bully.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

chapter 3

In chapter 3 of the novel, The Namesake, by Jhumpa  Lahiri , the Gangulis  now live in an university town outside of Boston. At day times, Ashoke goes to teach at the University, Gogol goes to nursery school, and Ashima hangs out at the library. A couple years later they move to their first house, and on August when Gogol turned 5 years old, Ashima becomes pregnant again. As Gogol starts kindergarten, his parents tried to make  people at the school to call Gogol by his formal name, Nikhil, but unfortunately  that didn't happen. However, when Gogol’s sister born, they name her Sonali and settle her nickname as Sonia. The fact that both  Ashoke and Ashima parents pass away in India, the Gangulis become to fit more into the American Culture, and even start celebrating Christmas.  In six grade Gogol goes on field trip where the last stop was to close to a famous writer's graveyard though Ashima was horrified.

In my point of view i completely agree with the fact that Ashima was horrified  about the field trip. Though Gogol don't remember anything from his first trip to Calcutta, but family members death have a affects on children too. Moreover the feeling about death most of the time have always become a part of children's life because they deal with death differently at different age. I believe  that  cemetery is not place for kids because what people discuss with kids always have impact of them. For instance, Jessica,when she was twelve years old after  hearing that death people power . The fact that she want to win  the lottery, she went to clean someone one's cellar  that people have  ignored, and asked for a lottery number. Since that night she began to have trouble sleeping  and keeping on having bad dream until she went back to dirty the cellar she had cleaned. You can notice that  it's not acceptable  to go on cemetery with kids because hearing  conversation that is not for they age can affect they life for while.