1. The basis of the novel argument is the importance of history. Throughout the novel F-451 they constantly bring up things that happened in the pass. They try to keep what happened before a secret so that people won't try to live life how they use too. In F-451 they like that it's a changed environment and things aren't the same. They like that people can't ask questions and speak there minds. They believe life will be much easier if people just keep to themselves and not think about anything.

    From part 1 of the novel “Hearth and the salamander” the quote “established, 1790, to burn

    english- influence books in the colonies. First fireman: Benjamin Franklin”. This quote

    shows that people like montag don’t even know anything about history, because the dark

    society don’t allow people to have education. They only believe what the government told

    them, even there was a lie, people have no choice to do what is right for them. The

    technology controlling condition still appears in the society we are living today, such as

    some secret news that may involve with the national politics, the government would keep

    the majority part of the truth, and tells the minority to the public. And give no informations to other people to find out. If we follow down this path, i think everyone who has read this

    novel known about montag and his wife, Mildred, and especially what Mildred had


    The part 2 ( Sieve and The Sand) of the novel F-451 , in the quote “We have everything we need to be happy, something is missing”. The people in the novel are very empty with their feelings that no one can have any kind of feelings to each other because of technology and they are controlled by the government and by laws .There is no freedom to express their thoughts or feelings. I think today people are moving away from feelings, TV and News have numbed us to the cold brutalitys of the world. We talk less today and everything is by text or email. We are depend on the technology. Millions of people get up like robots to live their lives and tell us what to do. In the future, our world have no freedom of speech, no privacy, and no right to bear arms .As a few elitist rule the planet with technology , telling us.

    From Fahrenheit 451 part three burning bright the quote “phoenix”.

    Burning bright symbolizes phoenix. He builds a pyre and burned himself up. Generations later he comes again from ashes. Human beings build a great generation from ashes and destroy themselves just like phoenix. People with all the knowledge could prevent it. Generations come and generations go but we keep making the same mistake all the time. We must educate ourselves and our children not to destroy ourselves.

    The society in the novel F-451 dealt with alot of conflicts because of people’s ignorance .towards knowledge and knowing the importance of remembering and understanding history.some of the conflicts that they had were that they didn't have any type of influenced from books,they thought they were happy even though deep inside they knew something was missing, in addition they believed anything their government would say without any objections . the people from F-451 also had lots of conflicts because they let technology control their lives. This eventually led to the formation of real life zombies that did as they were told no matter the circumstances. To avoid a tragedy like this from happening people need to start reading more books, this way they could learn about the past and not misinterpret it in the present. They also need to maintain an almost equal level between the government and society. As well as asking any question if they have any doubts. Thus, they need to understand and remember history from the past so that future generations won’t let technology take over completely