Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Expressing agreement or disagreement

From chapter 9 of the novel The Namesake,  while Nikhil was at Moushumi friend's  house for a dinner with Colin, Louise, Astrid, Donald, and other friends, the discussing at the table was about name because Astrid is expecting a baby. Unfortunately Moushumi has mentioned that Nikhil has changed his name which was a secret for Nikhil. Therefore he  got angry at Moushumi, and regretted  for having told her the story because she turns it to a joke. After all Nikhil admitted that " there's no such thing as a perfect name. I think that human beings should be allowed to name themselves when they turn eighteen.Until then, pronouns." However i complete disagree with Nikhil because names are very significant for parents.

First of all, in some cultures, names are choosing from events that happen during the pregnancy of the mother. For example, in the novel The Namesake,  that is almost the same thing that happened  to Gogol when Ashoke named him. Even though Nikhil is on his thirtieth now, i believe still today he regrets  why he has changed his name after finding out the meaning of it. On the other hand, nowadays if i had to name myself  until  at age eighteen, i would not  know the meaning of my name because i would just choose a name that is sound nice. As a result,  that might lead me to a  point of loosing my culture, ans my identity.
Consequently, if Nikhil has being  waiting until he turns eighteen to name his self, i think he would choose a name that has a cool meaning.  

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