1. 1. WHAT IS THE BASIS OF YOUR ARGUMENT (THEME)? -In other words here you will explain your theme (this should be a few sentences to a paragraph)

    Freedom is a personal choice even in a controlling society, one can achieve an intellectual freedom. However, what is lacking in the story society is the “right to carry out actions based on what we learn”. Losing one’s right of freedom of speech does not allow us to apply our new knowledge and base our actions upon it. If society loses its ability to apply new knowledge to our lives and actions through the freedom of expression, then society will eventually meet its doom.

  2. 2. HOW CAN THE NEGATIVE SIDE OF YOUR THEME AFFECT SOCIETY (LEAD TO A DYSTOPIAN FUTURE)? -Here, you will use the examples and quotes from the novel to show what could happen to our society if we follow down this path.

    In f-451 the people and rules of their community can affect society and lead to a dystopian future. I say this because in the reading f-451 people were not use to talking to others. That caused a huge lack of communication between the people in the society. Therefore people just just kept things bottled in (problems,stress,issues) etc. This lead to a society being depressed and in denial and unaware of it, that then later leads to suicide. An example of lack of communication in the first chapter is on page 23-24. Clarisse tells guy "you're not like the others, when I said something about the moon you looked at the moon, the others wouldn't do that the others would just walk away and leave me talking". This statement is a symbol of the lack of verbal communication within the society. Clarisse loves to talk to random people, but because it's is not allowed people to not stick around to hear what she has to say, but montag did.

    In part 2 of the book page 104 Faber starts to whisper in Montags mind “All right,he’s had his say.You must take it in I’ll say my say too in the next few hours and you’ll take it in and you’ll try to judge them and make your decision as which way to fall or jump but i want it to be your decision not mine or the captains but remember the captain belongs to the most dangerous enemy to truth and freedom. Captain beatty was trying to confuse Montag with his opinions and faber was telling montag to make his own choice or believe the captain. This quote makes it clear that nobody makes their own decisions. People are constantly making decisions for you that nobody knows how to speak their mind and Montag is faced with a decision to believe right from wrong.

    In Burning Bright the author said “the sun brunt everyday. it brunt time… time was busy burning the years and the people away without any help from him” This quote fit the theme. Montag sees the stars for the first time in years, and he finally enjoys the leisure to think that faber told him he would need in order to regain his life. i think he starts by considering the noon.

  3. 3. WHAT CAN BE DONE TO PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING? -Using the knowledge of the novel, and your understanding of the society in the novel, what can be done to avoid the same fate as the society in the novel? There should be clear connections back to your theme and examples

    In this novel " Frahrenheit 451," people lost the freedom of speech because they're under the government's control, and books are banned in the society where they live in. People drive very fast which makes them neglect their surroundings, and people have no right to talk or ask questions, they can only talk the way they're allowed to. Therefore, this situation makes people so unhappy, for example, suicides happen very often and the operators have to deal with the problems every day in this novel. To prevent this from happening the government should realize that every citizen has the right to be happy, to do things they want and to be able to express their thought rather than freedom of speech be controlled, and know there's nothing positive happening when they control people's speech. Losing freedom of speech decreases interpersonal communication and causes lack of personal thought, which will lead to extremely negative impacts to the society. Most importantly, people would live so unhappily. In addition, books shouldn't be banned by the government. Books record the history and where people get knowledge from, so people should read them to receive knowledge from books which helps people learn to think and talk.