Wednesday, April 23, 2014

chapter 7

From chapter 7 of the novel The Namesake, Ashima speed thanksgiving and Christmas at home alone even though Ashoke come every three weeks.One day Ashoke calls Ashima and let know that he is at the hospital because he been have  trouble with his stomach and promise to call back after he done in the hospital. As Ashoke has not call in the next morning, Ashima finds the hospital number and call them. After waiting on the line the doctor that first saw Ashoke informs Ashima that Ashome has died, and Sonia immediately flies back to Massachusetts. In addition Gogol flies to Ohio to identifies his father's body and went to clean up the apartment. When Gogol comes back the Ganguli family go through then days of mourning, and Maxine come to visit on the eleventh day  when they  invited families and friend to mark the end of the mourning period.

chapter 6

 According  to the novel The Namesake, in chapter 6, Gogol earned his degree in architecture, and have job at an architecture firm. One night, he went to a party with a co- worker and meets an woman named Maxine. In the next morning Maxine invited Gogol for dinner at her house. Indeed Gogol begin to date Maxine, he spent all of his time with her and barely ever goes to his own apartment. In August, Gogol's mother called him and asked him to visit home to see his father before he left for a research fellowship in Ohio. Though  Gogol already  has his  plan, he stop by his parents' house for lunch  with Maxine on their way up to New Hampshire to visit Maxine's parents and spent his 27th birthday there.
 Even though at that age Gogol was a young adult, complete dislike his perspective toward his parent. I never think that his parents was not going to have the priority of his  life. As a lovable child i think he were suppose to take the advantage go to spend more time with his parents before his dad leaves for Ohio because he  barely sees  them since he had moved to New York.However on those kind of  case a lot  people sometimes end up not see or talk to they parents before they usually gone. For instance, when i was a child i heard a case like that in my neighborhood where a single mother's son had move to Okap for college and never come back until his mom was gone.That was very sad, and hope that people take advantage of opportunity every time they have it.

Friday, April 4, 2014

chapter 5

In chapter five of the novel, The Namesake, by Jhumpa  Lahiri,Gogol and his family go to court in Boston to change his first name to Nikhil. As Nikhil, he gets a fake ID to go drinking, and loses his virginity to a random girl in a bar. During the fall of Gogol's sophomore year, while he's on the train form New Haven to his house, he started a conversation with the girl sitting next to him. She's also a student of New Haven, and her name is Ruth. In addition they fall in love and begin to date. At one point Ruth goes for a spring semester at Oxford, when she gets back Gogol and her break up. On Gogol senior's year, he goes home for thanksgiving and only his father was around because his mother and Sonia went to India. However on his way home, Gogol was late because of track issue; the train was running slow, and Ashoke tells him about his own train accident because he was worried about Gogol.
I complete agree with the fact that Ashima and Ashoke did not do anything to stop Gogol from changing his first name Nikhil. Why, because they have tried that and it did not happen because of Gogol's kindergarten school principal. As many children on their teenagers' life never find out why their parents name them they name, Gogol's accident become to be the reason for Gogol to find out how his name is really significant for his dad. Indeed parents pass something have effect on their children's life, at  Gogol 'age i Believe that Ashoke did the right thing by telling Gogol the story that happened to him twenty years ago.